Petit Sirah? Petite Syrah? Petit Syrah? Petit Sirah?
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Petite Sirah? Petite Syrah? Petit Syrah? Petit Sirah? Orů

Often spelled Petite Syrah, Petit Syrah, Petit Sirah or Petite Sirah, this wine has a rather elusive naming history.

Sirah is often compared to Syrah in taste and body. However, knowledgeable winemakers agree that the Syrah is an easier grape to grow than Petite Sirah. One of the challenges facing Petite Sirah growers is its "low vigor" and grapes that are about half the size of a Syrah." Petite Syrah, much like Zinfandel, is often considered America's Grape and has developed a loyal following on this side of the Atlantic.

As for "Petit" versus "Petite," a quick primer in French grammar will sort that out. "Petite," or "small," is the adjective modifying a feminine noun. As a result, the adjective needs to be the same gender as its corresponding noun. "Petite" is also pronounced "pet-eat" versus "petty" for its masculine equivalent.

About our Petite Sirah

Our Petite Sirah is actually considered a Durif variatel named after the master grape breeder Durif in the late 19th century. He cross-bred Syrah and Peloursin to create a truly distinctive grape with saturated color and dense fruit, much like the Syrah from which it was derived.

Whether you choose to call it Petite Syrah, Petit Syrah, Petit Sirah or Petite Sirah, you can find our "Petite Sirah" style Napa wine in retail stores or by ordering directly from our vineyard. And if you would like us to keep you informed about new vintages as they become available please consider joining our private mailing list.

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